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Richard Pikesley PNEAC RWS London Exhibition 2 – 26 November 2017

Richard Pikesley has a solo exhibition of his work. There are many paintings from his trips to Elba and Puglia as well as Dorset scenes.

2 – 26 November 2017

The Russell Gallery

12 Lower Richmond Road

London SW15 1JP

Open Tues – Sat   10am – 5.30pm

‘ I get fired up by light, especially when its changing fast with everything on the move. Painting early and late in the day has always had a special hold on me and the particular light around dusk as daylight fades and electric light appears has been a particular challenge. This exhibition has taken me from pre-dawn painting on the Adriatic coast to a spring night in my Dorset studio and from the energy of ‘la Passeggiata’ in an Italian piazza to the fizz of blazing midday sun’ . Richard Pikesley