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2021 Travel Update

All programmes and events are suspended until further notice.

The Tiger's Tale

Tigers are the most magnificant of the 'big cat's. They are elusive, graceful and clever. Legends of folk lore and tales of magic, contradict and over-shadow the truth about the tiger.

Tangier seen through the eyes of Matisse

Tangier remains an intriguing and special place, as Matisse discovered. It's chequered history and reputation prevails in the people, the diplapidated architecture and the extraordinary adventure you can have if you delve deep enough in to it's spirit.

Artisan Travel - temporarily on hold

Exclusive special experience holidays will bounce back as soon as international travel safely resumes. Our research and planning is on-going and will be ready to launch our new and exciting programmes hosted by well-known experts and TV personalities as soon as we can.

COVID-19 advice for our customers.

CVID-19 advice for our customers about your holidays

Why the Masai Mara is one of the best wildlife places on earth

Excerpts from our recent Big Cat safari to The Masai Mara in Kenya
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