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What we do


Inspirational, motivational & informative travel

We have been sharing the best that we have seen, heard and found on Earth with our customers for 30 years. Whether you are an individual client or a private group you will discover that our tailor-made holidays and events offer truly exceptional experiences above and beyond the ordinary ‘tourist holiday’. Special places handpicked from years of personal experience, operated with under-stated sophistication and meticulous attention to detail, and created out of a love of travel.

Who travels with us?

Artists, wildlife enthusiasts, opera lovers, walkers……

Like-minded individuals, private groups of friends and families.

Clubs & Associations, Wildlife Charities and Corporate Organisations.

A personalised travel service

Every trip is hand-picked, a once in a life times opportunity, and is hosted by the best experts in the field – famous artists, passionate naturalists, leading conservation biologists ….

We are pioneers in conservation tourism offering joint-venture safaris with conservation organisations that financially help the long term survival of endangered species.

A member of our staff accompanies each programme taking care of all the arrangements and looking after everyone.

Travel with us and your world will be enriched beyond anything you have experienced before.

Event management services

Private events and celebrations tailored to your specification, using our skills to achieve your objectives.  Your event will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of destinations and a member of our staff accompanies each programme taking care of all the arrangements and looking after everyone in a professional but discreet manner.

The passionate experts & famous artists who work with us include

Wildlife researchers, naturalists and biologists –  Prof. Claudio Sillero (Oxon) EWCP Born Free WildCru,  Dr Greg Rasmussen, Simon King OBE, Chris Packham, Steve Leonard, Virginia McKenna OBE, Dr Shivani Bhalla, Stephen Mills MA(Oxon) MFA IAWF.

Artists – Ken Howard OBE RA, Richard Pikesley PPNEAC RWS, Lachlan Goudie ROI, Peter Brown PNEAC ROI RBA PS RP, Adebanji Alade VPROI, Patrick Cullen PS, Haidee-Jo Summers ROI ARSMA, Pamela Kay NEAC, RBA, RWS, ARWS, Tom Coates NEAC, PS, RBA, RP, RWA, RWS, David Bellamy, Lucy Willis and Hazel Soan

Our partner organisations include

Born Free Foundation, Ewaso Lions, Painted Dog Conservation, Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme, BBC Wildlife, Channel 4, The Artist Publishing Company, Sir John Soanes Museum, The NFU, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, Rotary Clubs UK and Birmingham University

Trip historiography

Our trip historiography reflects the breadth and depth of our knowledge and experience.