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1988 – 2020

Spencer Scott Travel delivered inspirational, motivational and informative travel experiences that exceeded expectations for over 3 decades. It provided unique, one-off opportunities for individuals to travel to the greatest wonders in the natural and cultural world with like-minded individuals and to be hosted by well-known experts, in their specialist field, as well as a programme organiser.

Spencer Scott Travel was the pioneer in working with wildlife organisations and charities to offer bespoke safaris and conservation safaris. It worked with BBC Wildlife and the Natural History Unit, Born Free Foundation, RSPB, Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme, Ewaso Lions, Painted Dog Conservation and Tiger Trust (Project Tiger). It offered exclusive wildlife safaris in Africa, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, The Galapagos and The Arctic, hosted by Virginia McKenna, Chris Packham, Simon King, Stephen Mills, Prof Claudio Sillero, Jackson Looseyia, Dr Greg Rasmussen, Peter Blinston, Brian Jackman, David Lindo, Sir Jeffrey Boswell…..

Spencer Scott Travel organised exclusive painting holidays on behalf of the Artist and Leisure Painter Magazines. Each painting holiday was a unique, one-off opportunity to paint in iconic locations across the globe with well-known artists. Many of the destinations have since been ravaged by war, like Syria, Kashmir and Yemen, and so the works of art have become a valuable historical record of what these wonderful countries had been like. Some of the locations like China, Cuba and Vietnam are changing so quickly that painting them before they lose they historical heritage was the prime objective. These painting holidays were exclusive opportunities to paint alongside and with Ken Howard RA, Peter Brown, Richard Pikesley, Hazel Soan, Lucy Willis, Haidee-Jo Summers, Pamela Kay, Tom Coates, Adebanji Alade …..

Spencer Scott Travel hosted opera weekends at the major European Opera Festivals providing the best seats in the house for 3 or 4 operas on consecutive nights at the Salzburg Music Festival, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Wexford…. These were signature social occasions with hosted receptions and dinners.

Spencer Scott Travel organised major mountaineering and trekking expeditions with Alan Hinkes and Dave Green to Mont Blanc, Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and walking holidays with Pete Hawkins to Nepal, Mustang, Tibet, New Zealand, Peru, Greenland, Iceland, South Africa, Cuba, China, Bali, USA, Canada….

Spencer Scott Travel organised trail riding holidays in USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand…..

Spencer Scott Travel organised photographic journeys with Martin Moore, William Cheung and Angie & Jonathan Scott to India, Egypt, Sri Lanka…..   

The Company’s historiography shows the breadth and depth of the destinations and types of holidays Spencer Scot Travel delivered in over 3 decades of trading successfully. 

Sadly, the global lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 meant the company was prevented from operating and eventually led to its demise.

Spencer Scott Travel was one of only a few privately owned travel companies offering bespoke travel experiences for small private groups in niche markets.