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Dr. Greg Rasmussen

Greg RasmussenDr. Greg Rasmussen  was born in London and moved to Zimbabwe with his parents aged 11.  After college, he began work on an African wild dog research project in Hwange National Park and became so committed to the painted dogs that he sold all his belongings  to live and work for their protection.

In 2003 he was involved in a light plane crash, which left him severely injured and alone in the African bush.  He endured extreme temperatures and exposure to predators while he waited for help. He was eventually rescued and the story of his survival  was featured in the Channel 4’s ‘ Alive’ and Discovery Channel’s ‘I shouldn’t be alive’ series.

Greg is a conservation biologist who spends almost all of his time researching African wild dogs in Zimbabwe and other African countries.  He was the founder of Painted Dog Conservation and has recently set up Painted Dog Research Trust (PDRT) to sustain the research he does by helping young Zimbabweans to get involved. 

We worked with Greg when he was a Director of PDC.

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