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Stephen Mills MA (Oxon) MFA IAWF

Mills text image.Stephen Mills is a professional naturalist, wildlife writer, producer and cameraman. He has made over 35 films for TV, written over 200 papers, wrote the cover story for the launch issue of BBC Wildlife, is author of the BBC book ‘Tiger’ and ‘Nature in its Place’ , is past chairman of the International Association of Wildlife Film-makers and was Campaign Director at Environment Investigation Agency.

Stephen has observed and written about the fragile habitat of Polar Bears, helped change the laws in Sweden and Norway on Wolves, studied Brown Bears in Sweden and ringed Great Grey Owls in Norway.

He has worked on influential BBC series and films including The Private Life of Plants, Land of The Tiger and Wolf Saga, and Rhino Journey for Discovery.  As a leading wildlife filmmaker he has nearly been ‘eaten’ or ‘trampled’ on by some of the world’s largest mammals.

His latest book is Natural Causes by Stephen Mills

Stephen Mills has been a leading cameraperson and writer and this is a book about his life in film. Natural Causes tells the story of his campaigns, his companions, his colleagues, the challenges and charms of the landscapes in which he has worked and the extraordinary wild animals he has filmed. And it is a book about one man’s modest bid to ever-so-slightly change the world. For, at its heart, Natural Causes touches on the profound spiritual importance of nature to us all.

“… if you have a dream, a mission, a wish to change the world, you can do it. You can do it as long as you accept that the dream may shrink, the mission may creep a little and the change you make may be very small and that all those little bites out of your ambitions in no way render them pointless.”


This is a gripping story about the love of life and of nature itself. As a journalist, Stephen has influenced the agenda; as a film-maker, he’s inspired a wide audience; as a conservationist, he’s averted disasters – but above all, as this book proves, he’s a skilled storyteller. Read, enjoy, laugh and appreciate how small acts and using the power of your voice can change things for the better.”Roz Kidman Cox, former editor BBC Wildlife

Breathed on by a tiger, stalked by a lion, nearly flattened by a rhino, struck by lightning and rocked by an earthquake… A wildlife filmmaker’s life is certainly exciting. But there’s a serious side to these adventures. In the last 50 years nature films have helped to shape public awareness of both the beauty of the natural world and its plight. Environmental issues that once seemed peripheral are now centre-stage.

Published by Chiselbury March 2024 £22

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On safari with Stephen Mills

Stephen has always been fascinated by nature and all wildlife and much preferred to be out in the field than sitting in a class room.  He is an intellectual naturalist –  modern day Gerald Durrell and as knowledgeable and riveting to listen to as David Attenborough. His first love is tigers and he has been studying individual tigers and family groups in Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks in India since the 1980’s and is the BBC Wildlife’s leading tiger expert. He is also passionate about wild dogs and birds.

Stephen encourages people to go out into the field and watch wildlife and strongly believes that wildlife tourism has a valuable role to play in conservation.

Ngorongoro CraterGoing on safari with a good naturalist is like opening Pandora’s box. Stephen can not only predict animal behaviour but explains anatomically why species behave in such a manner and the influence of their ecosystem on their behaviour.  You learn something every day on safari with Stephen. He is also very switched on about current wildlife issues and conservation initiatives. Travelling with Stephen is always fun, informative and relaxed.


Join Stephen on a wildlife adventure

We have been working in partnership with Stephen for over 20 years. He has been leading small private safaris for us to look for tigers in India and Nepal, ‘big cats’ and wild dogs in East Africa, as well as mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda, polar bears in The Arctic, brown bears in Finland and the wonderful wildlife in The Galapagos Islands.  Many have been in association with BBC Wildlife.


Current Trips with Stephen Mills MA (Oxon) MFA IAWF

Wildlife in Kafue National Park, Zambia with Stephen Mills

20th September - 1st October 2020 POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Experience a genuine bush safari in Kafue National Park with naturalist Stephen Mills. There is a diversity and profusion of wildlife to be seen including the chance of seeing packs of wild dogs and swamp lions.
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