2022 Travel Update

Dear All

We have been prevented from operating international programmes for the last two years because of the global restrictions introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Travel was the first industry to be closed by the restrictions and it is the last to open up. 

Everyone’s world has been shrunk to miniscule levels over the last two years, be that your local town or even just your gardens.

Finally people are able to start to make travel plans and to take family holidays but the current problems at airports and with flights are going to take some time to be resolved. Delays and cancellations are largely down to added bureaucracy with extra paperwork and checks needed, and supply and demand issues caused by staff shortages.

We long for the freedom to travel to be unconditional and the world to be your oyster again, then we look forward to lifting your spirits in the most inspirational places on earth. Travel is all about having the freedom to explore the most remote and beautiful places on earth and experiencing different cultures and making new friends.  Travel is discovering more about the world we live in, as well as finding new depths in yourself.     

We really hope that international travel will return to being a trouble-free and pleasurable experience later this year, and to be announcing some programmes for 2023 very soon.    

Watch this space!  

Spencer Scott Travel Services