COVID-19 advice for our customers.

COVID-19  & international travel

On 17 March 2020 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advised all UK citizens against non-essential foreign travel for 30 days.  

On 4 April the FCO removed this interim review period and changed their advice to – The FCO advise against all non-essential travel worldwide until further notice.

On 4 June the UK Government announced that from 8 June 2020 most arrivals in to the UK will be subject to 14 days self-quarantine.

On 4 July this advice was changed to create travel corridors to 59 listed ountries & destinations.  The advice from the FCO remains against all but essential travel for countries not on the list of exempt countries and 14 days quarantine is still applicable for arrivals back in to the UK from these countries.  Not all countries included on the travel corridor list have a reciprocal arrangement, in which case quarantine is applicable on arrival to these countries. The FCO’s advice and the situation in all countries is expected to be under constant review and changes could be made without notice.

Please see the FCO site for updates:

We now have no programmes or events until later in the year and we will be closely monitoring the situation over the coming months.

Any one making independent travel plans in this initial period of open ‘travel corridors’ should carefully evalute the potential risks involved. 


Future programmes

The COVID-19 implemented travel restrictions have never been experienced before and were unimaginable at the beginning of this year.  We are currently in a situation where the future of international travel isdependent on the advice of individual country’s Governments’ policies.

We eagerly await to return to a World that is our oyster, with international travel restrictions  lifted, flight schedules operating normally and hotels and restaurants providing warm hospitality. We will then be able to offer you a new and exciting programme of exclusive special experience holidays with well-known hosts and TV personalities.  

Details will be posted on our website as soon as this is possible.


Holiday programmes prevented from operating because of FCO and destination restrictions

Spencer Scott Travel will notify you and will process any refund due to you according to our booking terms and conditions. Our usual refund policy set out in clause 4c of our terms and conditions will apply.

Upon receipt of your refund invoice and the monies reimbursed, you should contact your travel insurance company to reclaim the balance, as advised by the ABI (Association of British Insurers). You should inform your travel insurance company that the exclusive special experience programme you had booked could not be replicated and there is no provision or entitlement for further recompense beyond that which you have already received.