The coronavirus outbreak – advice for our customers.

COVID-19  & your holiday event     

On 17 March 2020 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advised all UK citizens against non-essential foreign travel for 30 days.  

On 4 April the FCO removed this interim review period and currently states – The FCO extends advice against all non-essential travel worldwide for an indefinite period.

Please see the FCO site for guidance:

Clients affected by this ban and by travel bans in destination countries should contact their travel insurance companies for advice on how to reclaim costs.

Until we receive further advice from the FCO we have no choice but to proceed with all future bookings until the departure date is imminent whilst this travel restriction applies. This indefinite travel restriction can be removed at any time, and there is no legal definition of ‘imminent travel’, however it is generally considered to be within the next few days (72 hours).  

We will continue to monitor the situation however if you choose to cancel your holiday then our normal terms and conditions and cancellation policies will apply.

If there are no FCO or destination country restrictions the official advice of the Association of British Insurers is that there is no reason to cancel. You should check with your own travel  insurance company if this is how you wish to proceed.


If your holiday event is cancelled because of FCO restrictions

Spencer Scott Travel will notify you and will process any refund due to you according to our booking terms and conditions.

However, since there is a very large volume of requests some delays in payments from airlines, hotels and other suppliers must be anticipated. All suppliers are dealing with cancellations and any refunds due on a departure/arrival date basis. To facilitate this process our usual refund policy set out in clause 4c of our terms and conditions will be 14 days from departure date for all holidays affected by the coronavirus pandemic and not the notification date.This is the only change made to clause 4c and in our terms and conditions.

Upon notification of your holiday being cancelled, because of the restrictions imposed by the FCO or the destination country, you should inform your own travel insurance company and seek advice on the procedure for reclaiming any losses.

We wish you good health and thank you for your patience.

Future holiday programmes & special events

Unfortunately until the international travel restrictions are lifted and it is permitted, safe and practical to participate in small group events we are prevented from planning any new special events and holiday programmes.  Details will be posted on our website as soon as this is possible. 






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