The Future for International Travel

The global travel sector was effectively shut down by the coronavirus pandemic and the actions taken by Governments and public authorities in March 2020. It was impossible for overseas events and holidays to proceed as customers were prevented from travelling and travel operators were unable to provide the arranngements, without fault on either side.

Lockdown restrictions were imposed in most countries around the world and still exist in many. It is impossible to predict  what the situation will be from one week to the next. Freedom to travel where ever and when ever is on hold for the time being. This is unprecendented – it has never happened before. 

It is against this background and the on-going uncertainties that all our future travel plans are postponed until further notice. 

Looking in to the future….when it is safe to travel again and we are confident that the risk of travel disruption is minimal, we will start planning new special experience programmes. We hope this will be soon.  Until then we thank you for your understanding.