COVID-19 update – May 2021

To all our valued customers

The global travel sector was effectively shut down by the coronavirus pandemic and the actions taken by Governments and public authorities in March 2020. It has since been impossible for overseas events and holidays to proceed as customers are prevented from travelling and travel businesses are unable to provide the arrangements. These are extreme circumstances that have never happened before.

The UK Government has of May 2021 issued a ‘green’ list of a small number of countries, which it considers safe to travel to. However, countries on this list can be down graded without warning and may in any case be subject to Foreign Office travel bans. Entry regulations and quarantine measures exist in many countries, including some on the ‘green’ list.  This means that international travel plans still risk being cancelled without prior warning, and enforced and expensive quarantine measures being imposed for returning passengers with immediate effect.   

Sadly, this means we cannot offer you any special experience events or holidays for the time being.    

We will start planning new programmes as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted and the risk of future disruption is minimal. We hope this will be soon.

In the meantime we wish you all well. 

Spencer Scott Travel Services