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Wildlife in Kafue National Park, Zambia with Stephen Mills MA (Oxon) MFA IAWF

20th September - 1st October 2020

An exclusive bush safari with your own private naturalist



Kafue National Park is the largest widlife park in Zambia and yet the least well-known. It is classic African wildlife country with an excllent mix of habitats that support a huge diversity and density of wildlife. There are fewer camps making it a perfect place for a more raw and authentic safari experience for serious wildlife enthusiasts.

Wildlife in Kafue National Park, Zambia with Stephen Mills MA (Oxon) MFA IAWF

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The main source of water is the River Kafue and its tributaries which provide the chance to do a boat trip so you can have close encounters with crocs and hippos and view wildlife on the banks. The riverine forest,s are a birders paradise and the in the swamps you’ll see waterbuck, kudu, impala, sable antelope and puku.  Leopard can be found in the more open woodland areas and the savannah is home to all the grazers including roan antelope, oribis, red lechwes, buffalo, zebra and wildebeest. With prey there the usual predators; lion, cheetah, hyena and wild dogs. Herds of elephants can be seen in areas of denser vegetation. Busanga Plains is a extensive seasonal floodplain that falls dry after the rainy season, attracting huge numbers of game and stunning bird life. The well known documentary, ‘Swamp Lions‘, was filmed exclusively on the Busanga Plains.















The Kafue River, wetlands, savannah and woodland boast an impressive 478 of Zambia’s 733-recorded bird species. Among them African Wattled and Crowned Crane, Fish Eagle, Woolly-Necked Stork, Saddle Billed Stork, Goliath Heron, Ground Hornbill, African Fin Foot, Pel’s Owl, Purple-Crested Lourie and Chaplin’s Barbet.












This safari is unique in that you will be one of  just 3-5 guests and you will have your own private naturalist. You will stay 4 nights each in two small bush camps in different parts of Kafue. Both camps will be for your exclusivity making this a very intimate safari. The first camp is in an undiscovered area of south Kafue and overlooks a sandy lagoon and the second is on the Busanga Plains in the north of the park – in an area of palm groves, papyrus reed beds and lily-covered lagoons.


There will be just one safari vehicle and everyone will have an outside seat. Walking safaris are permitted and will be an exciting part of your wildlife experience. The final night is spent in a lodge on the banks of the River Kafue where it is possible to do water-based safaris.  The combination of the two bush cams and the safari activities will give you the very best chances of seeing the maximum density and diversity of wildlife. 

September is a prime time to see wildlife in Kafue and in particularly on the Busanga Plains, which are only accessible from mid-July to early November.  Kafue National Park is easily reached by road from Lusaka.















Your private naturalist

Stephen Mills MA (Oxon) MFA IAWF is a professional naturalist, wildlife researcher and conservationist, and an acclaimed wildlife film-maker and author. Stephen Mills is former chairman of the International Association of Wildlife Film-makers.

As a writer, producer and cameraman, Stephen has made over 35 films for TV, including Land of The Tiger, Man-Eater: To Be or Not To Be.  He wrote the influential BBC film Tiger Crisis, and has worked on many Natural History Unit/BBC TV series and films including The Private Life of Plants, Wolf Saga, and Rhino Journey for Discovery. 


Stephen Mills encourages people to go out into the field and watch wildlife. Sitting quietly and immersing yourself in  the moment, observing the action as it unfolds before you and understanding animal behaviour are some of things you can expect to enjoy.  Stephen is a very good naturalist and an excellent birder. He loves to share his wildlife knowledge of all creatures great and small with his guests. Stephen is always excited by the prospect of spending time out in the bush and on the plains, and Kafue particularly appeals to him because there is a good chance of seeing packs of wild dogs from both bush camps, which is a privilege and highlight for him. Stephen is a captivating orator and has many funny tales to tell.  Your safari will be both informative and fun. What could be a more perfect safari?

Safari summary

20 September            Evening flight from London Heathrow or Gatwick

21 September            Arrive Lusaka. Drive to Kafue National Park.  Bush camp 

22 – 24 September    Walking safaris and game drives from the bush camp in central Kafue

25 – 28 September    Walking safaris and game drives from the bush camp in Busanga Plains

29 September            River trip and safari lodge

30 September            Evening flight from Lusaka

1 October                   Arrive London Heathrow or Gatwick

A safari escort will accompany you from London and be taking care of everyone and all the arrangements throughout this safari.

Practical details

Safari guests:                                                                             3 – 5

Guideline price per person :                                                    £8,995.00

Single occupancy supplement :                                              £1,000.00

** Business class flights supplement from:                              £2,300.00

** Business/economy flights supplement from:                        £1,175.00

Price includes: scheduled flights on Emirates Airlines, 8 nights bush camping, 1 night safari lodge, all meals and drinks, all safari activities, private naturalist and travel escort from the UK.

* Subject to airfares

** Subject to availability

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    Wildlife in Kafue National Park, Zambia with Stephen Mills MA (Oxon) MFA IAWF

    To make an enquiry please call or
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