Wildlife & Special Conservation Safaris with Leading Naturalists & Conservationists in 2017


Wildlife safaris

with Jackson Looseyia and Stephen Mills

Off the beaten track Masai Mara Safari with Jackson Looseyia of Big Cat Diary fame        15 – 22 Jan

Tigers in Satpura, Bandhavgarh & Kanha National Parks with Stephen Mills           27 March – 9 April

Brown Bears & Golden Eagles  in Finland/Russia with Stephen Mills                                  28 – 31 May

Polar Bear & Arctic Wildlife Cruise, Svalbard with Stephen Mills                                          12 – 21 June



Wildlife Conservation Safaris

with Ewaso Lions & Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme

Ewaso Lions Conservation Safari in Kenya with Shivani Bhalla & Jackson Looseyia  20 June- 4 July

Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Expedition with Prof Claudio Sillero                                 7 – 15 November


Working closely with wildlife conservation charities and leading naturalists enables us to offer unique, all encompassing wildlife encounters that you can only experience with us. Each safari is tailor-made and a one-off opportunity for a handful of like-minded people to accompany leading wildlife experts in the world’s best locations to see lions, tigers, Big Cats, Brown bears and Polar bears, at the best times of the year.

If you participate on one of our special conservation safaris you are personally financially helping the long term survival of endangered species –  lions in Northern Kenya or wolves in Ethiopia, as the price includes a donation to the conservation programmes.  You are also hosted by the inspirational individuals who have dedicated their lives to the long term sustainability of the species. Both organisations are supported by WCN in the US and Born Free Foundation in the UK.

The camps, lodges and boats we use are personally selected and in many cases we have exclusive use of them, which makes it rather special.  It also means that we can work to nature’s timetable and spend as long as we wish to observing the wildlife action and behaviour as it unfolds before us. With just 4 guests per safari vehicle everyone gets an outside seat.

We are still putting the finishing touches to some of the trips but here is the list of trips we have planned for 2017.


Please register your interest now if any appeal to you at

safari@spencerscott.co.uk or telephone us on

+44 (0)1825 714310