Spencer Scott Archive

Tourism Development Projects


Client : ODI for the Commonwealth Secretariat
Project : ‘The Gambian Tourist Value Chain and Prospects for Pro-Poor Tourism’
Brief: Review the report – comment on analysis used and assumptions.


Client: Ministry of Arts & Tourism
Project: Festival in the Desert
Brief: Assessment of added benefits to the wider community and involvement of other Ministry departments. Health and safety requirements.  International marketing strategy.


Client: Private safari lodge within a National Park
Project: Best practices
Brief: Advice on health and safety requirements relating to facilities and activities.


Client: Private mountain lodge
Project: Market analysis
Brief: Advise on suitable end-users, appropriate facilities and level of services.


Client: National Tourist Office
Project: Tourism diversification
Brief: Assess the potential for higher revenue tourism & special interest holidays.


Client: Private travel agency in a small market town
Project: Business development opportunities
Brief: Assess the potential customer base for different tourism products.

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