Spencer Scott Archive


Big Cat Diary Safari, Masai Mara - October 2015

Read the diary of a near-perfect safari - making the most of what The Mara has to offer and enjoying unrivalled experiences delivered with understated sophistication

Diary of a Top Dog Safari - June 2014

‘A man’s best friend is his dog’, but few people take the time to find out about or go and see their ancestors - Painted Dogs also known as African Wild Dogs.
Simon King Safari

Stars of the Serengeti Plains

Read about a dream safari on the Serengeti Plains with professional naturalist Stephen Mills. Everyday something special happened and we witnessed extraordinary clashes and encounters between species.
Ethiopian Wolf Watching Trip

Dancing with Wolves

Enter the world of wolves - living, riding & dancing with Ethiopian Wolves - November 2013

Diary of being on safari with Simon King

A safari with ‘The King’ of The Mara, observing wildebeest migrations, a territorial dispute between two hyena packs, elephant antics and the division of the Marsh Pride.
Tiger Safari

Tiger Safari Diary (Dec 2011)

A ground-breaking safari looking at three contrasting ecosystems that support healthy tiger populations – Corbett National Park, Kanha National Park & The Sunderbans
Ethiopian Wolf Expedition

Ethiopian Wolf Watching Expedition (Nov 2011)

Expedition to the Bale Mountains helping Prof. Claudio Sillero to monitor different Ethiopian wolf packs at a time when many have their pups and den activity is intensified.

Painting in Arles & the Camargue with Hazel Soan (2011)

A painting holiday capturing the light of Provence, following in the footsteps of Van Gogh and discovering the magic and wildlife of The Camargue.
Ethiopian Wolf Expedition

Living with Ethiopian Wolves (Feb 2011)

Trekking in the Bale Mountains with Prof Claudio Sillero experiencing this extraordinary wilderness and how he has saved the endangered Ethiopian wolf.
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