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The Tiger's Tale

Tigers are the most magnificant of the 'big cat's. They are elusive, graceful and clever. Legends of folk lore and tales of magic, contradict and over-shadow the truth about the tiger.

Tangier seen through the eyes of Matisse

Tangier remains an intriguing and special place, as Matisse discovered. It's chequered history and reputation prevails in the people, the diplapidated architecture and the extraordinary adventure you can have if you delve deep enough in to it's spirit.

Why the Masai Mara is one of the best wildlife places on earth

Excerpts from our recent Big Cat safari to The Masai Mara in Kenya

Kathmandu revisited in 2019

A discovery trip to see if Kathmandu still holds its magic appeal and how the restoration programme of its heritage buildings is progressing.

Morocco – The Most Exotic Painting Destination Closest to Europe

Essaouira is a great painting destination because it offers a taste of the exotic and desert life, a sense of adventure, a long history of trading and all the colours and mysteries of another world.
Watch Brown Bears in Finland

Extinct British Wildlife

Much of the UK's wildlife is now extinct and the clock is ticking if you want to see wildlife in their natural environment in other countries. Globally 28,000 species are threatened with extinction.

Is the fate of figurative artists to record the historical, religious and cultural heritage of places?

The World is always changing. Some destinations are now off bound like The Yemen, Syria and Kashmir. Others fluctuate like Egypt and Tunisia and some have emerged and opened their doors to tourism like Cuba, Vietnam and Nepal. Painting holidays can end up being an important historical record of places.

The Real Serengeti

The BBC’s new dramatisation of ‘A Year in The Serengeti’ has some excellent footage but it misses the point of enjoying the moment and the Serengeti for what it is.

Naturalist Stephen Mills talks about the best tiger trip he has ever led

Naturalist Stephen Mills explains why the tiger safari he led in April 2019 was the best ever. Numbers tell some of the story. We had 22 sightings of 16 different tigers.

A perfect safari

A personal diary of a perfect safari in the Masai Mara - January 2019

The Old City of Jerusalem - an artist's dream

The Old City of Jerusalem is one of the most under-rated painting destinations on earth. Nowhere else will you find such a rich and diverse cultural, historical and religious make-up, all within just 1km².

Iceland - landscape painting at its best

Iceland is one of the best places on earth for artists wanting to capture a dramatic natural landscape. Discover the beauty of the most northerly area of Iceland.

The Magic of Istanbul - a painter's city

Life in Istanbul today is an intoxicating mix of the traditional and modern. This along with its rich history, splendid architecture and melting pot population makes the city one of the most interesting places on earth and one of the most paintable cities in the world. All artists should discover the magic of Istanbul.

How to choose a safari

Safari's are not your regular holiday so you need to think about what will suit your budget and aspirations best, research the markets thoroughly and choose wisely. This overview identifies the aspects to be considered.

Top tips on how to choose a painting holiday

What to ask yourself and consider when choosing a painting holiday

Polar Bear shot dead by cruise guard

On the 28 July 2018 a polar bear was shot dead by a tourist guard in Svalbard. As the organiser of private polar bear trips to Svalbard we are greatly saddened by this news. Read what Stephen Mills our host naturalist has this to say.

Ranthambhore delivers the best tiger safari to date.....

A snapshot of our tiger trip of a lifetime - March 2018. Sign up now for our next tiger safari in March 2019.

Painting The Holy Land with Lachlan Goudie - two part TV series

Watch artist Lachlan Goudie on TV this Easter painting in the Holy Land

What it is really like to paint alongside Peter Brown - 'Pete The Street'

Read what it is like to go on a painting holiday with Peter Brown - Vietnam May 2017.

Syria remembered by a group of artists - Painting in Syria 2010

Syria played an important role in the history of mankind - it was a country of tolerance where Jews, Muslims and Christians lived peacefully together. In 2010 a group of artists travelled through Syria capturing the last memories of the country before it was destroyed by war.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus)

For more than 30 years the Polar Bear has been listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in the "vulnerable" category. Polar Bears continue to decline to critical population levels as important habitats are being decimated.

Hoi An - A melting pot of history, architecture, colour and cooking.

A personal diary log of Hoi An in Vietnam by J Woods
Paint in Sri Lanka with Hazel Soan

"Travelling not only challenges the palette but one's way of... looking at the world", according to artist Hazel Soan

Hazel Soan is an artist that travels almost non-stop, seeking new inspirational material that we challenge her and help work evolve in to better paintings. She encourages all aspiring artists to do as much travelling as possible.

Paintings of London by Peter Brown NEAC

Peter Brown NEAC or 'Pete the Street' as he prefers to be known, takes London by a storm with his new book of London Paintings.

Ken Howard RA exhibits 100 paintings of Switzerland for the first time.

Ken Howard RA exhibits 100 small plein air paintings of Switzerland, inspired by the JMW Turner tour in 1841. This exhibition is part of the 'Academicians in Focus' series at the Royal Academy, which runs from April to October 2016.

50 years of lion conservation - what's been happening since the making of the film 'Born Free' about Elsa the lioness?

It is 50 years since 'Born Free', the film about Elsa the lioness. What has been happening in lion conservation over the last 50 years? From George & Joy Adamson to Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers' work at the Born Free Foundation and to the grass roots work Shivana Bhalla does at Ewaso Lions, the future for lions lies in our hands.

Salzburg celebrates its 200th Anniversary at the Salzburg Festival 2016

Salzburg always delivers le crème de la crème - World class opera singers, maestros of the podium, the greatest orchestras in the World, lavish productions and acoustically near-perfect auditoriums, fine cuisine, champagne bars ….

Bruges - centre of Flemish Primitive Painting and a vibrant contemporary arts scene and art trail not to be missed

Bruges is much more than a chocolate box - associated with the school of Flemish Primitive painting and a centre of patronage for artists such as Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling. Many important collections remain and are exhibited in Bruges today, and this little gem of Renaissance architecture has a vibrant contemporary arts scene and art trail not to be missed.

Father and Son: Goudie

Father and son - Lachlan Goudie presents a talk on Alexander Goudie amongst his Father's work that will be on exhibition in London - April 12

Normandy Impressionist Festival - Back for a third time with an audacious theme!

The Normandy Impressionist Festival is back for the 3rd time. It will be held 16 April to 26 September 2016, with exhibitions, art, music and theatre across the region. This year the theme is Impressionist portraits.
Be inpsired to paint in Giverny by the Royal Academy's Monet to Matisse Garden Exhibition

The Fairytale of Giverny, Home to Claude Monet

The story of the transformation from an unloved area of land, constrained by walls, to a place of daily inspiration and joy, for the legendary impressionist; Claude Monet, is almost a fairy tale.

Don't miss - Two New Exhibitions from our Painting Holiday hosts and See Lachlan Goudie on TV!

Don't miss seeing the works of three leading artists on TV and in London exhibitions this month. Join these artists in their next painting locations and work alongside them learning by example and personal guidance.

Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse Exhibition at the Royal Academy

A new exhibition of the role of gardens in art commences in January at the Royal Academy in London with great masterpieces from Monet, Matisse, Renoir, Cezanne, Pissarro, Manet, Sargent, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Matisse, Klimt and Klee.

The Story of Scottish Art with Lachlan Goudie

Ground-breaking new TV series on The Story of Scottish Art seen through the eyes of artist Lachlan Goudie. BBC4 January 6 2016

Visit the Cinque Terre - but leave the car at home!

Discover the beautiful Cinque Terre on foot, by train and by boat. This UNESCO World Heritage stretch of coastline is perfect those who enjoy coastal walks and aspiring artists.
Watch Brown Bears in Finland

Brown Bears & where to watch them in the wild

Discover all you need to know about Brown Bears and where to see them in the wild

Big Cat Diary Safari, Masai Mara - October 2015

Read the diary of a near-perfect safari - making the most of what The Mara has to offer and enjoying unrivalled experiences delivered with understated sophistication

All you need to know about the New English Art Club, (NEAC).

The New English Art Club is a dynamic club of 70 professional artists. It show cases some of the best Impressionist and figurative art of our generation. Their annual exhibition is must for all collectors of contemporary art.

Democracy in Art. The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts 2015.

The RA Summer Exhibition is where you can see some of the best contemporary art. 8 June - 16 August central London.

Polar Bears

Read all you need to know about polar bears, their habitat and where to see them

Beethoven's only Opera, Fidelio, to be performed in Salzburg with Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kauffman is rated a world-class tenor. He is performing Fidelio at Salzburg this August and is tipped to be the highlight of the Festival.

Top Tips on how to have the perfect African Safari.

Learn about the different types of safaris and how to choose the right safari to suit your needs.

Every dog has his day.....

Learn about African Wild Dogs, aka Painted Dogs - where to see them, how they live, the perils they face and their protectors
Ethiopian Wolf Expedition

Responsible Safaris for Wildlife Conservation

Responsible safaris for wildlife conservation with conservation biologists, wildlife researchers & leading naturalists
Music Festivals

The Ultimate New Year's Eve Celebration

New Year is party time. Ring out the old and ring in the new….. But how can you lift the celebration to make it the ultimate celebration? How can you really impress your lady?

Eco-tourism helps jaguars fight extinction

The rare and majestic jaguar is under threat. Its long term survival depends on conservation efforts, boosted by eco-tourism. Find out how this incredible creature and how the Onçafari Jaguar Project is helping to protect jaguars in The Pantanal, Brazil.

Red Alert for Black Rhinos

Only Rhinos need rhino horn. Nothing is forever, except extinction. The Black Rhino is a critically endangered species that is on the point of extinction in our lifetime. Find out how you can protect this wonderful creature by supporting conservation safaris.

The Salzburg Music Festival

Music is synonymous with Austria and the Salzburg Music Festival is it's most exclusive and exciting annual event. The history of this festival, known for its exceptionally high quality of music, the commitment of its international artists and as a successful combination of the traditional and modern, is fascinating.

Ken Howard RA, OBE - Master of Light

Ken Howard RA, OBE is one of the most respected figurative artists living today. He is an inspiration to all artists and a living legend.
Ethiopian Wolf Expedition

Connect with Wildlife Conservation

The Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) protects endangered species in 24 countries by supporting 14 entrepreneurial conservationists who pursue innovative strategies for people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive. Each October they hold a Wildlife Expo for supporters to connect with the conservationists and learn more about their work in the field.

Secret gardens of Normandy

Discover the secret treasures awaiting you just across the Channel in Normandy

Wild Brazil ... Maned wolves, Jaguars, Giant Otters and Hyacinth Macaws

Discover the wild side of Brazil and venture into the exotic world of the Pantanal to see Jaguars and Giant otters and the find the rare and beautiful Maned wolf in Serra da Canastra National Park
out of africa

Big Cat Diaries: the original wildlife "Soap Opera".

Big Cat Diary was a TV series that followed the lives of the Marsh Pride of lions, Sita the cheetah mother and Bella and Olive the Leopards. Their legacies continue on the plains of the Masai Mara and presenter and guide Jackson Looseyia follows them every day.
Reader's Holidays

Photo blog from LoManthang & The Himalayas

Amanda O'Donnell's photographic journal of a recent trek to the remote former Kingdom of Lo in the Himalayas. No words are needed can express the beauty and uniqueness.
Paint in Sri Lanka with Hazel Soan

Shared hobbies & interests make for perfect holidays: Painting Holidays

Hobbies make perfect holidays - enjoy the company of like-minded individuals and travel with leading experts in your chosen specialist hobby or activity - Painting
Simon King Safari

Stars of the Serengeti Plains

Read about a dream safari on the Serengeti Plains with professional naturalist Stephen Mills. Everyday something special happened and we witnessed extraordinary clashes and encounters between species.
Ethiopian Wolf Watching Trip

Dancing with Wolves

Enter the world of wolves - living, riding & dancing with Ethiopian Wolves - November 2013

Latest News of Packs and Pups direct from Painted Dog Conservation, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

Life on the front line of conservation has many ups and downs, and this year has been no exception for the Painted Dog Conservation in Hwange National Park.

Nepal's hidden Tibetan 'kingdom' - walk the ancient caravan route from Jomsom to Lo Manthang.

A 'Walking experience of a lifetime' to Nepal's hidden Tibetan kingdom in Upper Mustang. Be one of just a few hundred walkers who gain access to Lo Manthang each year and definitely go soon - before it changes for ever.

New English Art Club Annual Exhibition 2013 opens on Friday 29th November, until Sunday 8th December, at the Mall Galleries, London.

Figurative painting at its best from NEAC members including Ken Howard RA and Peter Brown

TV Vet Steve Leonard's blog from Zimbabwe

See what Steve Leonard, TV vet gets up to in practice out in Zimbabwe with Painted Dog Conservation

Hazel Soan's blog on painting in Paradise

Read about Hazel Soan's painting adventure in Sri Lanka

Wildlife Encounters of a Different Kind

There’s a great way of seeing some of nature’s rare wildlife species, up close in their natural environment, in a way that actually assists work to improve their prospects of survival.

Simon King and Kate Humble present Africa 2013: Countdown to the Rains

Witness the gladiators of the African Bush battle for survival during the deadliest month of the year - a new unmissable natural history story is about to unfold on BBC 2.