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Birding in Costa Rica with David Lindo

9th - 17th December 2011

Join celebrity birder David Lindo on an exclusive 9-day birding trip that focuses on Costa Rica’s top two species- the magnificent Resplendent Quetzal and the endangered Scarlet Macaw, in the country’s top two birding sites - San Gerardo de Dota and Corcovado National Park plus there’ll be a spot of urban birding in San Jose.

From San Jose you’ll travel directly to the tropical cloud forests around San Gerardo de Dota – a central highlands valley that borders Los Quetzals National Park and the tropical alpine area of Cerro de la Muerte. Over 200 Costa Rican and Panama indigenous species can be found here with year-round sightings of Respendent Quetzals! Peak season is in December in the San Gerardo area making it one of the best places to see quetzals in Costa Rica. Other species you can expect to see include Long-tailed Silky-Flycatcher, Yellow-winged Vireo, Flame-throated Warbler, Black-cheeked Warbler, Yellowis Flycatcher, Barred Becard, Tufted Flycatcher, Silvery-fronted Tapaculo, Zeledonia, Torrent Tyrannulet, Collared Trogon, Scintillant Hummingbird, Volcano Hummingbird, Fiery-throated Hummingbird, Spotted Wood-Quail, Hawk Eagle, Emerald Toucanet, Volcano Junco, Timberline Wren.

Corcovado National Park on The Osa Peninsular is one of the world’s most biodiverse zones and home to over 350 species, but we’re here specifically because the lowland tropical forests are home to the largest numbers of Scarlet Macaws in Central America. Other species you can expect to see include Turquoise Cotinga, White-crested Coquette, Red-throated Caracara, Slaty-tailed Trogon, Harpy Eagle, King Vulture, White Hawk, Short-billed Pigeon, Tovi Parakeet, Bronze-tailed Sicklebill, Great Curassow. Visits to this park are rarely offered because it can only be reached in 4×4’s, by boat or private plane and to be as close to the Scarlet Macaws as possible you need to stay in a remote tented camp – so you can expect a really wild and pristine experience!

David Lindo – ‘The Urban Birder’ – writer, broadcaster, speaker and bird guide. David is passionate about getting urbanites to realise that there is a whole world of wildlife in the world’s cities. He is the inspiration and driving force behind the innovative Tower 42 Bird Study Group and the Canary Wharf Migrant Bird Project. He spends all his time birding across the globe and of course advocating the rewards of urban birding. David regular appears on the BBC’s One Show and writes on a monthly basis in BBC Wildlife and Bird Watching magazines and for the RSPB. David brings a new energy and a dynamic approach to birding for novice and experienced bird watchers.

David Lindo

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A local Costa Rican bird guide will join you and David Lindo ensuring you gain the most out of this birding trip, and an accompanying travel coordinator from the UK will be with you throughout ensuring everyone has a hassle-free time.

Costa Rica is a hot birding destination because of its extraordinary biodiversity – it has 12 different climatic zones, 10% of the world’s total avian population (nearly 900 species), over 50 humming bird species and 600- 630 indigenous species. This bespoke trip is offered in association with Bird Watching Magazine. It’s a really hot birding adventure that focuses on Costa Rica’s top two species in its two best birding sites plus you’ll be travelling with a really switched on birder – David Lindo. With the maximum amount of time spent birding you should be rewarded with top quality sightings.

Birding in Costa Rica with David Lindo

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