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Asian Elephant and Bengal Tiger Safari

27th February - 11th March 2008

The Asian elephant and Bengal tiger are India’s prime endemic species and on this safari we visit two parks where they can are still be seen in their natural habitat. Elephants have been domesticated for a long time in India and tigers continue to be persecuted, so observing them in their natural habitats is becoming a rarity but remains a wonderful experience.

The forests of Nagarhole National Park are one of the best remaining habitats of the Asian elephant in the world, with over a thousand elephants estimated to range over this tract. A number of tribesmen, particularly Kurumbas (honey-gatherers) who still practice ancient skills, live amongst and care for the elephants. Kanha is currently one of the best places for seeing Bengal tigers and is India’s largest and most beautiful national park. It is a premier Project Tiger reserve. Kanha was vividly portrayed in Kipling’s Jungle Book, and more recently as the location for the films Land of the Tiger and The Tigress; Lakshmi.

Wildlife viewing in India is different. The jungle experience is very exciting and you feel immersed in the environment. Tracking and observing wildlife requires the skilful knowledge of local experts – the forest rangers, but it is the guidance from your BBC wildlife naturalist that not only enhances your understanding of the ecosystems, but greatly increases your chances of sightings of the most endangered species. Stephen Mills has been studying and filming tigers in India and Nepal for over two decades and is highly skilled and experienced in finding tigers – no one is better connected and suited to hosting this safari.

February/March is the best time of year to see large herds of elephant in Nagarhole and a prime time for bird watching in Ranganathittoo and seeing tigers in Kanha. Wildlife viewing is either in jeeps, on foot, from viewing platforms or by coracle (boats) in Nagarhole National Park, and in jeeps and on elephant back in Kanha National Park. Wildlife viewing involves patiently tracking animals and observing animal behaviour in the context of the different ecosystems. Species are not seen in quantity, but seeing a herd of sambar emerging into a sunlit glade or discovering elephants playing in water as the sun sets and bathes them in gold, the haunting cry of the peacock, the rustling of wild boar, and finally the alarm call of the muntjac deer…. then a moment of fear and excitement as you catch a glimpse of the elusive big cats of the jungle: a tiger or leopard. The bird life is diverse with over 300 species, including Indian roller, racket-tailed drongo, red and yellow wattled lapwing, golden oriole, black ibis, pied kingfisher and crested serpent eagle.

We are trusted for our excellence, the personal service and value for money we provide. Everything is included on our safaris and no corners have been cut. An accompanying safari director takes care of all the arrangements and logistics, freeing Stephen Mills to focus on finding really special wildlife experiences to share with you.

We are continually researching new locations, camps and lodges and re-visiting old ones to ensure that our product knowledge is up-to-date and accurate, so that we can offer you new experiences and the best accommodation available. You will be staying in two very comfortable jungle camps and internal flights will be used to maximise the amount of time spent wildlife viewing.

To see endangered species in the wild is a privilege and involves travelling to distant lands. However remote the destination or challenging the environment, you can relax knowing that everything will be organised for you, that you will be well cared for and that there is full professional back-up support, with a team on the ground and back at our head office.

Nothing is forever except extinction… so we urge you to go and see tigers in their natural habitat before it’s too late.

£3,995.00 per person
NEWS! we have arranged 12 safaris to India and every participant has seen several tigers!

Asian Elephant and Bengal Tiger Safari

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