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The Life of Tigers in The Sunderbans, Corbett & Kanha National Parks with Stephen Mills

1st - 16th December 2011

A ground breaking safari observing tigers in The Sunderbans and Corbett and Kanha National Parks with tiger specialist and film-maker Stephen Mills, who has been studying tigers in India since the late 1980's, enabling him to understand their behaviour, follow the history of different family groups and photograph and film them.

The Sunderbans is a vast region of mangrove swamp, forested islands and small rivers with a healthy tiger population. In fact the park has more tigers than any of tiger reserve in India. Rarely visited by tourists this safari will enable you to explore the waterways, islands and forest where man and tiger co-exist and understand the plight of the honey hunters and the real life of tigers as never experienced before.

 Corbett National Park still offers the wild and authentic experience, which the more popular parks have lost. Elephant-back safaris plus the chance to stay a night inside the park is very special, unique and an intimate experience. Kanha has a very healthy tiger population and is the best place in India to look for tigers. Immortalised in Kipling’s Jungle Book, Kanha is a beautiful park and everything you could wish for with a good chance of seeing sloth bear, leopard and wild dog. 

STEPHEN MILLS is a knowledgeable naturalist, acclaimed wildlife film-maker and author. He is an animal behaviour expert and has a broad understanding of conservation issues. His work focuses on endangered species and he has been studying tigers in India since the 1980’s and regularly writes about their plight and conservation issues. He is author of the BBC book ‘Tiger’ and wrote the BBC film Tiger Crisis, which helped to bring to international attention the rise in poaching for trade in tiger parts. As a writer, producer and cameraman, Stephen has made 35 films for TV, including, In the Tracks of the Rhino, Man-Eater: To Be or Not To Be and contributed to the series The Land of the Tiger, Life of Plants and Winners and Losers. Stephen is a regular contributor to articles in BBC Wildlife. He is an excellent communicator and exceptional wildlife host who will spend time helping you observe animals and interpret their behaviour so you have the opportunity to savour those intimate moments. All species are of interest to him and those of you who have travelled with him before will know that seeing wild dog, leopard and sloth bear are high on his agenda.  Stephen is also a knowledgeable and enthusiastic birder. Everyone who has accompanied Stephen on safari has seen tigers – testimony that travelling with an expert in the field greatly increases your chances of seeing tigers.

The Life of Tigers in The Sunderbans, Corbett & Kanha National Parks with Stephen Mills

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