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Private Safaris with Wildlife Experts & Conservation Safaris


Lion Conservation Safari supporting the work of Ewaso Lions in Samburu

21st June - 2nd July 2017 Special 10th Anniversary safari with EWASO Lions in Samburu and Big cats in the Masai Mara with Jackson Looseyia from Big Cat Diary
Watch Brown Bears in Finland

Brown Bears & Golden Eagles, Finland with Stephen Mills MA (Oxon) MFA IAWF

29th May - 1st June 2016 Observe brown bears from hides in a new bear watching habitat in NE Finland. Professional naturalist Stephen Mills will help you explore the near-pristine wilderness searching for Golden and White-tailed eagles, wolverines, otters, wolves, elk, red foxes and lynx.
arctic 3

Polar Bear and Arctic Wildlife, Svalbard with Stephen Mills MA (Oxon) MFA IAWF

13th - 22nd June 2016 Polar Bear and Arctic Wildlife 7-night cruise around northern Svalbard on board a 53-cabin icebreaker. Professional naturalist Stephen Mills will join 4 - 6 guests as their private naturalist. Walk on the tundra, navigate ice floes in zodiacs and explore Svalbard dog-sledding. Experience the midnight sun.
Zambia feature image

Wild Africa, Zambia with naturalist Stephen Mills MA (Oxon) MFA IAWF

5th - 14th October 2016 South Luangwa’s remoteness, species diversity, wildlife-filled plains and bush walking makes it one of the most worthwhile wildlife experiences to discover in Africa. Outstanding wildlife watching in October.

Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Safari with EWCP & Prof Claudio Sillero

7th - 15th November 2016 A private safari that helps play a key role in sustainable conservation of Ethiopian wolves and financially supports the on-going work of Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme. See wolves up close in the Bale Mountains with Prof. Claudio Sillero, Director of EWCP.


Private Safaris with Wildlife Experts & Conservation Safaris

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Wildlife encounters of a different kind…….

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Safaris with your own private wildlife expert   

Prof Claudio Sillero – Conservation biologist and wolf expert

Stephen Mills – Naturalist & tiger expert

Jackson Looseyia – ‘Big Cat Diary’ presenter and Maasai guide

Steve Leonard – TV vet

Peter Blinston – African Wild Dog specialist

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Joint-venture safaris with conservation organisations that financially support the long term survival of endangered species

Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme

Ewaso Lions

Painted Dog Conservation

Born Free Foundation 

Onçafari Jaguar Project

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Conservation Safaris

wolf discussions web image

Prof. Claudio Sillero in wolve territory in Ethiopia


If you are passionate about helping the survival of endangered species……… then one of our joint-venture conservation safaris is for you. Your participation financially supports a dedicated research programme and the long term survival of an endangered species. Our conservation safaris financially support Ethiopian wolves, lions and Painted dogs and other endangered species. These are pioneering ecological safaris taking conservation tourism to a more meaningful level.

  • Unique safaris hosted by conservation biologists and vets who play a key role in sustainable conservation
  • You’ll see first-hand how field biologists conduct research in the bush
  • You’ll visit rehabilitation centres, education programmes, vet labs & bush schools
  • You’ll  meet local field staff
  • You’ll learn about realistic and practical solutions helping to reduce human/animal conflict and local environmental issues

  Born Free Foundation  ♦   Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme

 Ewaso Lions    Painted Dog Conservation  ♦  Onçafari Jaguar Project


 Animal Behaviour Safaris

Mills text image.

If you are fascinated by animal behavior in the wild…….. then a safari hosted by a professional naturalist is ideal for you. Their depth and breadth of knowledge of the natural world is impressive and their passion for all creatures great and small is boundless.  We’ve been working for over 20 years with Stephen Mills – one of the very best professional naturalists and a highly engaging wildlife raconteur. Our animal behaviour safaris focus on iconic species and provide close encounters with Mountain gorillas, tigers and Indian wild dogs. Let nature’s experts open ‘pandora’s box’ on animal behaviour. 

  • In-depth safaris hosted by professional naturalists
  • Get the bigger picture and the whole picture on why animals behave as they do.
  • Learn what makes an animal tick
  • Discover what it’s like to think like an animal, rather than assume it thinks like us
  • Better understand  how an animal’s physiology effects its behaviour



Action Shot Safaris


Simon King in The Mara


If witnessing the wildest action in the bush and nature’s greatest spectacles ticks the boxes for you ………. then a safari with a professional wildlife film-maker is perfect for you. Wildlife cameramen spend weeks, months and even years in the bush, waiting for and predicting when something spectacular and big is going to happen.  We have teamed up with the most engaging and dynamic cameramen and wildlife TV presenters including Simon King and Chris Packham. You’ll get their professional expertise, their personal tales of the bush and much more….

  • These safaris are hosted by famous wildlife film-makers and presenters
  • Their knowledge of specific wildlife habitats and the predators and prey that co-exist there is unparalleled.
  • They know every lugga and tree on the horizon and the typical weather patterns.  
  • They are expert in capturing the best shots, from the best angles and in the best light. 
  • Their excitement and wonder when something big happens never diminishes and is infectious.


To see rare and endangered species in the wild invariably involves travelling to remote places in distant lands and living to nature’s timetable.  You’ll need to turn off your default buttons and no matter how far this takes you outside your normal comfort-zone, you can relax knowing that you are in experienced hands – as well as the professional host a member of our own staff is with you the whole time, taking care of the minute details and your welfare.

Private Safaris with Wildlife Experts & Conservation Safaris

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