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Painting in The Holy Land with Hazel Soan

30th March - 8th April 2020

The Artist Magazine  magazine painting holiday

A watercolour instructional painting holiday in a spiritually-enriched city, where art and religion are entwined.

  • A watercolour instructional painting holiday with host artist Hazel Soan
  • Stay in a charming hotel inside the walled city of  Old Jerusalem
  • Eight full days painting in Old Jerusalem and Bethlehem
  • Number of student 8 -1 2
  • Ideal for intermediate students

Painting in The Holy Land with Hazel Soan

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The walled Old City of Jerusalem is a very special place to paint. Within 1km² are four distinct ethnic quarters – Christian, Armenian, Jewish and Arab, and a myriad of architectural styles with one era piled on top of another. It is an immensely spiritual place, even for those who are not religious. It is a humbling experience to see worshippers pouring down the lanes towards The Western Wall or to Temple Mount, and the call of the muezzin and the tolling of bells add to the atmosphere.Whilst the Old City teems with domes, spires and towers of its religious buildings there are plenty of other subjects to paint. Bougainvillea creeps over white-washed stone walls, winding narrow cobbled lanes lead to café-lined squares, and there are busy colourful souks. Outside the walls of the Old City is a flower-filled valley and olive grove, the archaeological site of the City of David, the Mount of Olives and the Gardens of Gethsemane.



The Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre – the site of Jesus’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection, the ornate Armenian Cathedral and the vast walled Temple Mount with its majestic golden Dome of the Rock are some of the most important and impressive religious buildings you’ll find in the Old City of Jerusalem. Painting both the detail and skyline views of these and other buildings will capture the essence of Jerusalem.  



















A day will be spent outside of Jerusalem painting and sketching landscapes and monasteries in the Holy Land.








Another day will be spent painting in Bethlehem.



















Hotel accommodation is provided in the Jewish quarter of the Old City. The proximity of everything will make it very easy to find places to paint.



HAZEL SOAN is a talented, versatile and hugely popular guest artist. She exudes enthusiasm and has relentless energy and total dedication to those students with her helping them improve their techniques and overcome the challenges of any subject. Her group demonstrations and tutorials are particular inspiring and invaluable. Hazel is well known through her many instructional books including, Watercolour Rainbow, Watercolour Landscape Techniques, African Watercolours. Hazel will be working in watercolour.  This painting holiday is ideal for intermediate students.




 Hazel’s paintings are very versatile and appealing.

This holiday is offered in association with The Artist Magazine  magazine              

Price per person in a twin room:   GBP3795.00                                                                 

Single room supplement: GBP750.00                                                                       

Number of students:           8 – 12                                                                          

Price includes: direct flights from London Heathrow, 9 nights hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinners, host artist, travel escort from the UK and a local guide most days.



We have been the official organiser and tailor-making painting holidays on behalf of The Artist Magazine  magazine since 1990. These are professional organised painting holidays offering the exclusive opportunity to paint alongside well known artists. 

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    Painting in The Holy Land with Hazel Soan

    To make an enquiry please call or
    complete our enquiry form

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