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Paint in the South of France with Hazel Soan

14th - 23rd May 2009

Capture the colours and life of the Catalan region on the Mediterranean coast with one of our most popular tutors, as seen on Watercolour Challenge.

HAZEL SOAN loves to paint almost anywhere that offers a good range of subject matter. Her popularity gained unprecedented levels when she featured as a tutor in the ‘Watercolour Challenge’ TV artist. She has a natural ability for teaching art and her more structured approach is particularly suited to beginners and intermediate students. Hazel Soan has published several instructional books including ‘Watercolour Landscape Techniques’ and ‘African Watercolours’ and has a new video out called ‘Watercolour Weekend’. This is the only European painting holiday Hazel Soan is tutoring in 2009.

Bespoke Arrangements

You will be staying at a charming villa hotel in the centre of Collioure, which offers very comfortable accommodation and has a private garden. Breakfast and dinner is included every day. A travel director from the UK will travel with you from London and look after all the arrangements and assist Hazel with the painting requirements. Scheduled flights are to Toulouse and a private coach will be used for transfers and for two daytrips.

Just 10-18 artists will be joining Hazel Soan in the South of France.
£2,225 per person, all-inclusive except for lunches

Paint in the South of France with Hazel Soan

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